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Site gone Static

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Well, its taken a while, but i am finally putting the site into static mode, and probably wont update it much, if at all… I had good laugh making this site, but it took too much time and efford to build, so i think i will give up now…

Good luck and thanks for all the fish…

Podcasts now available on BitTorrent

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I have just generated BitTorrent files for each of my previous episodes, so you can download them now with your favorite Torrent Client. The links are below:

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 10 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 9 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 8 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 7 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 6 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 5 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 4 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 3 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 2 Torrent

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 1 Torrent


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So, its been about 2 months since I last posted a podcast… i have been quite busy with Work, College, Exams and, lets just say, “Other things”. Anyway, i hope to get back into the swing of things in the next few days…

14th May 2012 – Episode 10 – Network Upgrades

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In this episode, i talk about upgrading the Godbox, and plan my next laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad W520.

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 10 (2012-05-14)

April 18 2012 – Episode 9 – Follow up to the ultimate Media Center

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This episode is a follow up post about the Ultimate Media Center.


April 14 2012 – Episode 8 – New Gadgets

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In this episode, i talk about gadgets i would like to get in coming months. these include:

Since recording this show, i have ended up buying the HTC One X. I plan on talking about this in a later show.

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 8 (2012-04-13)

March 30 2012 – Episode 7 – My Current Gadgets

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In this episode, i talk about the gadgets i carry around with me from day to day. these include:

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 7 (2012-03-30)

March 22 2012 – Episode 6 – How i Record this podcast

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In todays episode, i talk about how i record the podcast. in particular i talk about the software, hardware and tools i use to record.


[Updated] As a test, this episode can be downloaded using Netkups, which also allow Torrent Downloading. Check it out here.

March 21 2012 – Episode 5 – Dedicated Servers, VMs and Networks

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In todays podcast, i talk about Dedicated Servers, running networks in multiple locations, Virtual Machines and more. This site is run on a Dedicated server by Hetzner. I have a  EX4S server (32Gb ram, Quad core, hyper threaded i7, 2x3Tb HDDs running Windows Server Standard Edition).


March 15 2012 – Episode 4 – HyperV + Dedicated Server Backup and Crashplan

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In this weeks Episode, recorded on March 15th 2012, I talk about Dedicated Server backups, Backing up HyperV VMs with Altaro HyperV Backup and backing up data using CrashPlan+, my home Drobo and the cloud.


March 13 2012 – Episode 3 – 5+ Screens and a Cloud

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In an article i wrote on my other blog entitled “5+ Screens and a Cloud” i wrote about the idea of having more than just the standard 3 screens Microsoft talk about in their “3 Screens and a Cloud” idea. In this podcast, i talk about this idea more, and try flesh out some of the ideas a bit better, explaining what i think about them.

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 3 (2012-03-13)

March 12 2012 – Episode 2: The Ultimate Media Center

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In this episode, i talk about building the ultimate media center… Not something i actually plan on doing, just an idea and a though experiment on how one would build a large scale media center that could record multiple (16-32) TV stations at a time, how that storage would be used, and what kind of compute power would be required.

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 2 (2012-03-12)

March 9th 2012 – Tiernans Podcast, Episode 1

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In this episode, i talk about building a Large Scale Distributed Network, using Amazon EC2, Cloud Computing technologies, etc. Leave a comment on what you though about the show, audio quality, any issues you may have had, etc. And thanks for listening!

Tiernan’s Podcast Episode 1 (2012-03-09)

Welcome to Tiernan’s Podcast

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Welcome to my new Podcast: Tiernan’s Podcast!