In todays episode, i talk about how i record the podcast. in particular i talk about the software, hardware and tools i use to record.

  • I record the podcast using iTalk by Griffin.
  • I use Dropbox to send files from my iPhone to my main machine.
  • I use the Lame MP3 encoder to encode the AIFF file from iTalk into an MP3 that you listen to…
  • I use CyberDuck to upload the files to RackSpace Cloud, who use Akamai as their CDN provider…
  • Finally, i use a self hosted install of WordPress to run the site, and i post a couple days or weeks in advance before the podcast actually arrives by either iTunes or Zune, or what ever you are using to listen to this show.


[Updated] As a test, this episode can be downloaded using Netkups, which also allow Torrent Downloading. Check it out here.